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Premade Pots w/ Ping Mix

Premade Pots w/ Ping Mix

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Every pinguicula needs a place to grow.  With these premade ping mix pots, you can't go wrong for any beginner or experienced grower can use for their pinguiculas.  These pots use the same substrate how I grow my pinguiculas in pots or propagation tray.

When you purchase this pot, I will match the size to the ping you are buying.  There is no need to pick sizes like small, medium or large.  I will pick a size that will allow the pinguicula to fill out the pot for months to come.  When your pinguicula leaves start to grow over the edge of the pot, then you can decide if you want to repot into a larger pot or it's time to make a terrarium.  Many ways to keep your pinguiculas.

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