About Me

My Plant Journey

I'm Darryl and started my plant journey during the pandemic with tropical plants, just like every one else.  During this time, I had plenty of bugs, especially gnats flying around my office where I had all of my plants.  I was looking for another plant alternative to catch all of the gnats and that's where I came across a carnivorous plant store who steered me in the direction of a pinguicula.  Sticky leaves that attract gnats.  I was sold.  

Carnivorous Plants

With one pinguicula gigantea resting on my shelf, it caught over 130 gnats in a short amount of time.  It worked. I was hooked, then googled many pinguiculas seeing more and more different species out there.  I wanted them all.  My hobby started from one pinguicula, now I have hundreds.  I've been growing specifically pinguiculas for their beauty and flowers.  Thus, I want to share these beauties with you.

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