November's Ping Flowers: My Top 5 Pings

Hey, fellow plant enthusiasts! Thanks for joining me today as I share my November ping flower favorites. I've decided to switch things up a bit and focus on my top five favorite flowers for this month. Before we dive in, I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones. Now, let's explore the vibrant world of my favorite pings.

1. Weser: A Pink Extravaganza

Kicking off my list is the ever-lovely Weser. This ping has been a consistent favorite, but this month it has truly flourished with an abundance of breathtaking flowers. The vibrant pink hues, occasionally tinged with white, create a visual feast. Sometimes, it's all about quantity over quality, and these flowers are a perfect example.

2. Dusky Dream: Elegant and Tall

In the number four spot, we have Dusky Dream, showcasing tall stems with deep purple tones. The unique positioning of the flowers, shooting straight up, adds an elegant touch. The slightly two-toned white in the middle enhances the beauty of these blooms, making Dusky Dream a standout in my collection.

3. Hemiepiphytica: Embracing Deep Pink Tones

Claiming the third spot is Hemiepiphytica, celebrated for its captivating dark pink tones. The intricate details within the petals, almost like veins, make this flower a visual delight. What sets it apart is its larger size compared to most pings, adding an extra layer of allure.

4. Sunshine: A Surprise Entrant

Surprising me this month is Sunshine from Rainbow Carnivorous Plants. Sneaking into the number two spot, this ping caught my attention with its two-tone striations. It's a testament to the constant discoveries and surprises that come with nurturing these captivating plants.

5. Raspberry Blonde: The Reigning Champion

And now, drumroll, please! Securing the coveted number one spot is Raspberry Blonde, also from Rainbow Carnivorous Plants. The anticipation for its two-toned purple and yellow flowers is palpable. As this beauty starts to bloom, I'm eagerly documenting its progress on Instagram. Raspberry Blonde's impending flowering has me on the edge of my seat, and I'm already propagating clones to share the joy with fellow enthusiasts.

In Conclusion: A Symphony of Colors

To recap, November's top five pings in my collection are:

  1. Raspberry Blonde
  2. Sunshine
  3. Hemiepiphytica
  4. Dusky Dream
  5. Weser

Remember, these choices reflect my personal preferences at the moment, and everyone has their own unique favorites. I'm also gearing up for Plantmas, an exciting plant event on December 10th. Keep an eye on my Instagram for updates on what I'll be bringing. And if you're in the Bay Area, make sure to swing by for some fantastic plant finds.

Thank you for joining me on this floral journey. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to follow me on Instagram and YouTube for more insights into my ping collection. Until next time, happy growing!

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